О курорте

Recreational potential

    Svetlogorsk is a resort town with more than 200 years of experience: back in the nineteenth century, it was known for its healing mineral springs, coniferous forests and beautiful beaches. Currently, the town features a well-developed health resort opportunities. Nature itself has created excellent conditions for treatment: there are many sources of mineral water, the healing properties and medical purposes of which differ.

The sea air is saturated with iodine and minerals and is very useful for people, especially those suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland and respiratory system. For the treatment of these diseases, the autumn and spring periods are most favorable, when the air is highly saturated with iodine. Clean ionized air, high ultraviolet radiation, sea bathing are favorable for climate prophylaxis and climatotherapy. Peat mud from the Goreloe settlement and low-mineralized hydrocarbonate sodium water with a high content of organic substances are useful for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, as well as concomitant diseases of the digestive system.
There are 8 SPA retreats and resorts, 5 boarding houses, 43 hotels and guesthouses, 9 recreation centers, 8 children's and youth health camps on the territory of the Svetlogorsk urban district.